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The Way to Us

Us (Part 1)  (24:08) 
     1) Wait 
     2) Hope (Part 1) 
     3) Fading 
     4) Close the Door 
     5) The Death of a Dream 
     6) Wait 

Mother  (17:04)
     7) Escape 
     8) Don't Give up on Me 
     9) The Light 

Son  (13:50)
   10) Take Me Away 
   11) Find Myself Today 

Us (Part 2)  (16:09) 
   12) Is This Home? 
   13) Stand Beside Me 
   14) Hope (Part 2) 
   15) Not Going Back

Released August 30, 2018 

Tracy Thomas: Keys, Marimba, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Third Hand Bass 
Wes Bolton: Guitars, Echoplex, Percussion, Programming, Third Hand Synth 
Rick Kaufmann: Bass, Third Hand Acoustic 
Joey Myers: Vocals 
Theese Weber: Vocals 

All songs written by Tracy Thomas and Wes Bolton 
Produced by Echoes of Giants and Brad Jenkins 
Recorded at The Redwing Room, Columbia, MO 
Engineered by Wes Bolton and Brad Jenkins 
Mixed by Brad Jenkins and Wes Bolton 
Mastered by Brad Jenkins and Wes Bolton 
Designed by Dean H. Renninger

© & ℗ 2018 Echoes of Giants 

All Rights Reserved

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